The lost colony of Roanoke the theories to explain its disappearance


The settlement of Roanoke from Croatoan island is a mystery to historians. It was an early village of English people on the American land. Colonists were not successful surviving on the new territory, and the settlement just vanished once their governor went back to England. When he returned back in 3 years time, he found no people and even no homes they lived in.

It is very unnatural for the whole village to vanish, people and houses altogether. Historians put forwards a few theories to explain the mystic phenomenon. First, English people are thought to have left the village and settle at the Chesapeake Bay. There they probably have been killed by the Natives. On the other hand, colonists might have been killed by Native Americans yet on the Croatoan island. Historians claim that the Natives were capable of hiding bodies. They also might have taken parts of the houses for their own purposes.

The impact of European colonization on Native Americans?


The journeys of Christopher Columbus considerably changed the life in the Americas and Europe. Striving to conquer new lands, conquistadors found two new continents that turned out just as lucrative as the already-discovered Africa and Asia. There was gold and there were people who mined this gold for the colonialists that enslaved them.
Europeans brought horses to the Americas, there was little good from the conquest. Many tribes became enslaved, some of them went extinct in a short while. Colonialists brought European diseases to which Native Americans had no immunity. Smallpox, measles, and whooping cough destroyed entire villages in the New World.
The arrival of Europeans was marked with the appearance of horses and livestock in the Americas. Native people found horses very useful as they allowed to trade, hunt, and escape the danger much faster. Livestock made the diet of the Natives more diverse. Europeans also brought sugar cane and coffee that grew successfully in the Caribbeans.

How can we narrow the gap between the skills required by industry and those currently available in college graduates?


Unfortunately, many college graduates have the experience of being rejected by employers. Colleges still believe that they provide essential education, however, the skills acquired during post-secondary education are not always so useful to graduates. Students do not meet the employer’s expectations and go get yet another post-secondary education. However, it is not how things are meant to be.
The problem is that colleges are not flexible enough to meet the present-day demand. Workplaces come and go so fast, that colleges cannot teach the professionals who will be needed in a 5 years period. However, there is a good news for students and employers. If the latter put clear expectations of what young specialists have to do, then future graduates would better prepare for the job. They would pass online courses and visit all necessary workshops. Then employers will have plenty of skilled and trained young people to hire.

What are the next steps in protecting water, energy, and food security?


As the population of Earth increases, it gets more difficult to feed all the people living here. Our natural resources are exhaustible, and we use them so intensely that little fossil fuels and fresh water may remain in a century or so. We have not taken many tangible steps in the protection of natural resources so far. However, we can do better to make sure that future generations will not stay without water or fuel.
Concerns about food security arise because hectares of lands are involved in raising crops for the livestock. Production of meat and dairy became more important than raising crops for human consumption, which provides an inefficient land use. In future, we shall rely more on sustainable agriculture. We also need to make sure that fresh water is accessible everywhere. Wise energy consumption is essential, but we also have to increase the share of the renewable energy in the grid.

What’s the true cost of outsourcing IT departments?


Outsourcing the enterprise or its parts is natural for many businesses. It is more technically and financially efficient to operate from abroad, especially from the countries that specialize in offshoring. Here you will have a cheap workforce, affordable industrial facilities, and the legislation that either protects your business or draws little taxes. However, not everything is that positive about outsourcing.
Business experts claim that it gets more and more risky to transfer businesses abroad. Cybersecurity is a major threat. Cybercriminals recently stole millions of dollars through the breach in outsources companies and departments. The situation is especially acute with IT departments. Technically, businesses have no guarantee that their IT offices will stay safe in the developing world.
Safety concerns add costs to the potential price of outsourcing. Businesses have to take efforts to arrange their offshore assets in a proper manner, and security concerns do not make the life easier for them.

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Thesis statement on Quilts by Nikki Giovanni



When writing a paper on ‘Quilts’ by Nikki Giovanni, the first thing you need to do is to read this poem several times and try to understand what it is about. You need to analyze it, search for clues as well as to try and to interpret all those symbols you can find.

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Speech writing tips



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  • be memorable;
  • structure properly;
  • try to make a good impression;
  • be creative;
  • use vivid images;
  • repeat key ideas;
  • simplify;
  • be logical;
  • end strong.

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Education and funding essay samples



Schools are usually of two types: public and private. Public schools are funded by the state or the government. Parents provide most of the funding in private schools. There are pros and cons regarding which school to send your child to. There is a general belief that private schools give their students more opportunities to pursue the fields they are interested in. What is more, teachers are able to allocate more time on a particular student. Yet, public schools have a lot of highly qualified teachers who are eager to help students achieve all their academic goals.

Speaking about colleges and universities, most of them require a student to pay for their education. That is the reason why the issue of college debt is at the forefront these days. The prices are high which makes it physically impossible to a student to pay it off even when she or he has a well-paid job. It seems that community colleges provide the opportunity to accept all high school graduates without any additional payment. However, a degree from a community college is not enough for the majority of students. A lot of information on the subject of education and funding can be found at …

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