The journeys of Christopher Columbus considerably changed the life in the Americas and Europe. Striving to conquer new lands, conquistadors found two new continents that turned out just as lucrative as the already-discovered Africa and Asia. There was gold and there were people who mined this gold for the colonialists that enslaved them.
Europeans brought horses to the Americas, there was little good from the conquest. Many tribes became enslaved, some of them went extinct in a short while. Colonialists brought European diseases to which Native Americans had no immunity. Smallpox, measles, and whooping cough destroyed entire villages in the New World.
The arrival of Europeans was marked with the appearance of horses and livestock in the Americas. Native people found horses very useful as they allowed to trade, hunt, and escape the danger much faster. Livestock made the diet of the Natives more diverse. Europeans also brought sugar cane and coffee that grew successfully in the Caribbeans.