A bad holiday essay is normally written just in the same way as other academic essays and the organization of a bad holiday paragraph is just like that of any other academic essay. To begin with, the paragraph, all the paragraphs, with an exception of the introductory paragraph, of such an essay should begin with a topic sentence. A topic sentence is basically, as its name suggests, a sentence that announces what the writer shall include in the rest of the paragraph. For instance, if the fist sentence of the third paragraph of an essay is “The condition of the room was worse than I had been told and I had imagined and the hot sun did not make things easier.” The other sentences of this paragraph should contain only the ideas that are related to the above sentence. For instance one could write “The room contained air conditioners as ad been advertised but these seemed to have stopped working for several months.

Not even the fan was working and this meant using a magazine to fan oneself whilst in the room, if only to cool down the hot temperatures caused by the blazing sun outside.” At the end of the paragraph should be a transitory sentence that serves the main purpose of enabling a reader flow through the several ideas that are contained in the paper. For instance, if the last sentence of a paragraph is “Just when we thought things could not get any worse, we discovered that a hurricane was on its way.” The next paragraph would then explain how the hurricane made the already bad situation worse.

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