The four idols essay


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Sir Francis Bacon wrote about the theory of four idols that are in relation to human mind and flaws. Nobody is perfect and everybody has his/her own flaws in relation to the four idols; the idol of tribe, idols of the cave, idols of theatre and idols of the market place. These idols expound on misconceptions that the human mind has about reality.

Sir Francis Bacon brings out strong points to justify his theory and how each of flaws of human mind relates forward to the current world. Bacon states that human divergences in understanding originate from these four idols whereby an individual who clearly understands these idols is bound to avoid them. For instance the first idol, the idol of tribe describes the human nature and the resultant flows. Understanding of this idol can be explained that once an opinion is made depending on few factors, then generalization kicks in, where other factors against the opinion are abandoned and the already formed opinion is put into use all the time.

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A proposal to seek funds to develop a training curriculum and an ant steroids campaign modern sports training facility


I will be sending a comprehensive report concerning a proposal to seek funds to develop training curriculum and have a sensitization campaign.
The reason for writing this letter is to ask for your support and funds, which will be used to set up a modern facility. We feel that a modern facility will fully address the problems we are facing currently.
Because of the increasing use of steroids and other sports enhancement drugs among athletes, there is a need to have a modern training facility that will enable athletes to work out and train efficiently, therefore, reduce dependency on sports enhancement drugs. The idea is that the modern facility will have both qualified and experienced professionals who will work hand-in-hand with our athletes. These professionals include therapists, doctors, nutritionist and coaches, who poses vast experience in this discipline.
Hiring the services of these crops of qualified personnel will be expensive but worthy. Combined with modern facility, our athletes will train in an environment that allows them to adhere to the National anti-doping and Drug Abuse standards. This will, ensure that we are producing competent athletes. Here, below, is detailed proposal.

Steroids and sports competitions
Project overview
In the recent years, sport has seen a dramatic increase in the use of steroids. This has become a major challenge in sports as people try to emphasize on sports ethics and good health for athletes (Reese 2). Use of steroids has become a big issue with coaches and sports institutions torn between the health impacts of steroids and the victory guaranteed by use of steroids. Use of steroids is not a personal decision as we would like to think, this is because; an athlete has people who look up to him and their attitude highly matter. Therefore, the fact that the society values victory than hard work and determination sports people are forced to seek for quick fix strategies such as use of drugs (Reese 2).
Looking at the negative impacts of steroids, this paper seeks to develop training and sensitizing curriculum on the use of steroids and other drugs in sports. This curriculum will help coaches, athletes, and parents to provide an alternative to steroids and adhere to anti-doping policy.

Background information
Over the years, there has been an alarming increase in the use of drugs to boost performance in sports and athletics. People have abandoned the old belief about sports being a way to show resilience and courage. This is because most athletes prefer to use drugs as a gateway to victory rather than training hard for competitions (Reese 2). It is even sad when coaches and trainers encourage trainees to use muscle builders and other drugs to boost their energy level. One of the most common drugs that have been in use for quite a long time, are anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroid is a drug that is produced by the male reproduction hormone, testosterone. This drug has been in use for some time in the sports field (Kuipers 1). Trainers and athletes have preferred anabolic steroids because it gives an individual the ability to stretch their muscles further and train harder than usual. It gives the ability to compete at very high levels, which in most cases guarantees a win. The increased muscle and increase in strength is the most appealing outcome of anabolic steroids (Kuipers 1).
However, the use of steroids in sports has its own negative effects on the body when used by athletes to boost their energy. Despite the advantage that it offers in terms of victory, athletes end up paying dearly for the use of steroids in sports. Some of the major health effects include; growth of many tissues increased risk of cancer, damage to body organs especially the liver, heart and development of facial and jawbones (Kuipers 2-3). However, these are not the only effects of steroids many more are experienced once the individual starts using steroids. Some other effects are development of breasts in men, beard in women, male impotence, baldness, and deepening of the voice.
All the side effects of steroids are caused by the change in body hormones rapidly. Steroids disturb the natural body equilibrium that is required to have a healthy and normal body. Any disturbance to body hormones changes the natural way that the body is required to function. For instance, anabolic steroids lead to expansion on cardiac muscle causing heart failure (Kuipers 2-3).
While the reward of victory in sports is getting bigger, the life of athletes is becoming shorter because of steroids. Therefore, I believe that urgent measures should be set in place to curb the use of steroids in sports and protect the future and dignity of our sports men and women.
Solution to use of steroids in sports
Nevertheless, before we hurry to judge and condemn our sports men and women we need to identify the reasons why people choose to use steroids in sports. Some of the reasons that have been pointed as motivating factors include the pressure to win. Most parents, teachers, and trainers put a lot of pressure on people to win (Reese 2).

It has gone to a level where the main aim of sporting is to come out victorious without thinking of the means used to win. Because of the increased pressure sports people opt to use steroids to maintain their place in society and in sports without thinking about the long-term side effects of steroids (Reese 2).
However, we still have a chance to make things different in sports. Urgent measures to stop use of steroids in sports need to be put in place to save our young people. Some of the things that can be done include; training and sensitizing parents and athletes on the effects of steroids. This will help parents, coaches, and athletes to learn how to appreciate hard work and determination in sports. Additionally, alternative training methods to gain energy and build muscles need to be established to enable the youth to boost their muscles without cheating and putting their life in danger.
Project details
The main objective of this project is to develop training and sensitizing curriculum on the use of steroids and other drugs to enhance performance. This curriculum will be used during a major campaign to create awareness on the use of steroids and their effects.
While the main target groups are coaches, athletes, and parents. The target groups will be trained for a specified period about the impact of steroids on health and image in the society as well as other alternative training methods.
Needed resources
For this project to be implemented, our institution requires a building that will be used as a training centre. Secondly, there is a need for five trained health personnel’s to develop a training curriculum and sensitize people on effects of steroids. In addition, the trainers will be in charge of nutritional support and counseling of athletes.
Item Quantity Cost per item (U.S dollars) Total cost (U.S dollars)
Trainers 5 Health trainers
186,000 (annually)
930, 000

equipments equipments
Building 1 large building 20 million 20 million
Office equipments 7 sets 250 1, 750
Total cost 20,931750
Evaluation plan
During the implementation of the project, a team of experts composed of two coaches, two trained doctors, two parent representatives and representatives from the sports federation will be meeting on a quarterly basis to check on the progress of the training curriculum and write a report. Upon completion of the project, the committee will submit a written report to the funding organization, which will mark the beginning of a major drug campaign. Thereafter, a team of external auditors will be invited to evaluate the training program marking the end of the project.

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Affirmative action essay


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