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Write my thesis for me



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Thesis statement on Quilts by Nikki Giovanni



When writing a paper on ‘Quilts’ by Nikki Giovanni, the first thing you need to do is to read this poem several times and try to understand what it is about. You need to analyze it, search for clues as well as to try and to interpret all those symbols you can find.

The general idea of the poem is that the person is getting older which makes him or her feel useless. Thus, one is no longer able to do those things which one got used to do before. Yet, the person is pleased to reflect on those moments that she or he has experienced. At the end of the poem one wishes to be able to help and comfort someone which can be underpinned by the analogy in the last stanza. In such a way, this person will have a feeling that he or she is remembered.

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Speech writing tips



Articles dealing with speech writing tips are quite popular among students as they give them a clear idea of what they are supposed to come up with when they get a task like that. So, here is the list of aspects to take into consideration the moment you realize that you are not able to complete the task on your own and that you probably need to research this issue more:

  • be memorable;
  • structure properly;
  • try to make a good impression;
  • be creative;
  • use vivid images;
  • repeat key ideas;
  • simplify;
  • be logical;
  • end strong.

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Education and funding essay samples



Schools are usually of two types: public and private. Public schools are funded by the state or the government. Parents provide most of the funding in private schools. There are pros and cons regarding which school to send your child to. There is a general belief that private schools give their students more opportunities to pursue the fields they are interested in. What is more, teachers are able to allocate more time on a particular student. Yet, public schools have a lot of highly qualified teachers who are eager to help students achieve all their academic goals.

Speaking about colleges and universities, most of them require a student to pay for their education. That is the reason why the issue of college debt is at the forefront these days. The prices are high which makes it physically impossible to a student to pay it off even when she or he has a well-paid job. It seems that community colleges provide the opportunity to accept all high school graduates without any additional payment. However, a degree from a community college is not enough for the majority of students. A lot of information on the subject of education and funding can be found at …